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Rechner Sensors


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Rechner Sensors have been at the forefront of sensor technology for the past 50 years and are synonymous with durable "fit and forget" sensors built to the highest quality.

They specialise in Capacative Sensors which are ideal for level detection or position control and are an important device for the execution of automatic processes. Having worked closely with Rechner for more than 10 years, we at MRG Scotland have a wealth of experience and knowledge and can help plan and support your project - making your work easier and safer, saving you time and optimising quality control. 

26 Series

Highly versatile, durable and suitable for detection in various applications including :
Bulk materials (powder, cereals, grain, granules, feedstuffs)
Liquids (like water, juice, wine, oil, chemicals or pharmaceutical solutions)
Pastes (in the food processing industry, liquid gels, resins or glue, etc)

26 BlueSense

Alongside the benefits of the standard 26, the Bluesense has the added
innovation of Bluetooth technology.
With real time data observation, the BlueSense can give feedback
and customisation through the Rechner Android app (iOS in developement).


The LevelMaster is ideal for
detection of juice, wine, oil, chemicals or pharmaceutical solutions and much more. Measurement is independent of the mounting position and when mounted with our adaptor acheives EHEDG conformity. 

Series 40

Capacitive sensor with NAMUR output for use in areas with risk of explosion
ATEX zone 0 (Gas) and zone 20 (Dust).
Extension of the sensor body can be acheived by means of stainless steel tubes
with G1“ or G1 1/2“ process connection.


The EasyMount comes in two shapes - both feature compact dimensions
With a depth of only
14mm (round  version) 
8mm (square version)

Highly capable, proven reliability.
Ideal for level control of liquids, bulk material, leakage detection or
for position control of objects... plus much more. 

Series 80

This sensor has no moving parts and is not subject to wear or tear and thus there
is no down time due to false detections caused by material build-up.
Additionally, the KA-80-A24 has the ability to work in temperatures up to 180 degrees! 


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