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Rechner iLevel

• Rechner 3-Electrode reliability and level detection accuracy

• Direct system integration – no separate amplifier required

• Rechner iLevel and KFi probes are easy to set-up for fit and forget installations

• Very small level probe formats are available in this Rechner range

• Analogue Level and Switched Level probe options

• Approved materials for most industries: Printing, Food+Bev, Pharmaceutical

• Solid state electronics with no moving parts for long in-service life

• Large range of process fittings are available including Tri-Clamp and other formats

iLevel devices are capacitive filling level probes with analogue or switching outputs. The user can adjust and re-adjust the start and finish positions of an analogue measuring range anywhere along the probes programmeable section.

With the switched output versions, one or two, switching points are possible plus they can also each be adjusted and set at any point within the progtrammeable measuring range as required.

Both the analogue and the switched probe formats have integrated electronics within the probe housing itself. No separate evaluation amplifier is needed to interface directly to a control.

With the Rechner iLevel range, programming and set-up is a straight forward step by step procedure utilising the membrane touch pad. No additional programming module or sophisticaled software is required.

On KFi format devices, the set-up is carried out using the EasyTeach by Wire (ETW) facility and a short step by step process.

PTFE, PEEK and Stainless Steel materials used in Rechner probes are certified and industry approved, for Pharmaceutical as well as Food+Bev applications.

iLevel products include a wide range of process connection options to make installation simple.

The resultant probe design combinations are robust, chemically resistant, heat resistant and food safe for long-term use across most kinds of industrial sectors.

The maximum length of the iLevel and KFi probes is up to 2,000 mm in total length.

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