Applications at a glance...

The robust and versatile drives offered by Danfoss/Vacon are perfectly suited to marine and offshore applications where

place high demands on processes.

They can be found in all areas of a ship, from the keel to the topside, from the engine room to the cargo deck, in cabins, and in shore-supply and harbour processes.

Application areas include:

Specific applications such as :

all benefit from the utilization of a dedicated drive.

MRG Scotland Ltd MRG Scotland Ltd - Danfoss Danfoss VLT and VACON drives are designed and built to provide maximum uptime and efficiency and robust performance.

These are critical factors in the marine business where repair and maintenance must be kept to a minimum. VLT and VACON drives have the highest number of class type approvals from nine authorities. This gives you the best possible choice when selecting drives for your marine application.

Our unique and continually expanding AC-drives portfolio covers all on-board demands for low voltage up to 5.5 MW of power, and our new medium-voltage products further extend the power range.

Our product portfolio creates added value for customers in machine and system building as well as for vessel operators and owners and enables us to provide the best-possible support for: MRG Scotland Ltd - Vacon

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