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Inductive Range

Normal / Harsh / Dirty versions
Protection up to IP68/IP69K

A comprehensive range ideal for
detection of metal objects, 
Position control, 
Counting tasks, 
Distance control on end positions, 
Ideal for quality control.

Photoelectric Range

For clean environments without
dust or steam. Protection to IP67

Range ideal for sensing anything
that reflects light, 
Position control, 
Detection of small objects over large distances.

Ultrasonic Range

For industrial environments
Protection up to IP67

Sensors can detect any material
that reflects sound,
Monitoring of winding / unwinding processes, 
Liquid level control,
Loop tension control, 
Position feedback, 
Distance or height control. 

Capacitive Range

For normal/demanding environments
Protection up to IP67

Can detect metals, non metals,
liquids and powders,
Level control of fluids and bulk material,
Presence detection of almost all materials, 
Counting tasks for non-metallic materials, 
Detection through non-metallic container walls. 


Founded in 1972, Contrinex Sensors have become a leading manufacturer of Inductive and

Photoelectric sensors, made to the highest Swiss standard.

With over 6000 products in the range, Contrinex has become an innovator in the market providing

high tech solutions with significant technological advantages.

Contrinex Sensors go beyond the industry standard, offering a complete range of high performance sensors.


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