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Rechner Sensors

Rechner are market leaders in innovative sensing solutions and MRG Scotland are proud to offer their full range, as National Distributors.
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Contrinex Sensors

With an extensive range including inductive sensors, photoelectric sensors and light curtains - Contrinex offer dependable and innovative solutions.
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Rechner Sensors

Rechner have been leading the industry in capacitive sensor technology for more than 50 years.

Since the founding of the company in 1965, Rechner have moved into a leading position worldwide through dedication, product innovation and top quality. This holds in particular for their special area of capacitive sensors, where they have played a major role in development and design.

Many consider the name RECHNER as being synonymous with the capacitive sensor. This is a product that can be used in a great variety of settings and that is indispensable for today’s automation technology. The broad range of sensors RECHNER offers is clearly a key element of their success.

This range includes capacitive, inductive, opto-electronic, calorimetric and magneto-resistive sensors. The product range is complimented by a selection of ATEX approved sensors, ancillary equipment and transistor-based signal amplifiers, control units and power supplies.

MRG are proud to have worked closely with Rechner since our establishment more than 20 years ago and continue to enjoy the innovation the company provides.

Leading technology

Capacitive sensors detect levels or can be used for position control. They help to make work easier and safer and provide a major contribution to quality control.
With optimised production and automated processes - Rechner Sensors can help to ensure your competitive edge.

Vast range

With long term experience and customer satisfaction - Rechner's Capacitive Sensors product range is large and rich on options.
The range consists of various form factors, uses and applications - with sensors and probes for :
ATEX Dust Zone 20, 21 and 22
ATEX Gas Zone 0, 1 and 2
Food Contact safe and hygienic design
Contact with Pharmaceutical products
High temperature applications
Containers with pressure of vacuum.


Rechner's proven EasyTeach system makes adjustment and maintenance simple and accurate.
ETB: EasyTeach by Button
ETM: EasyTeach by Magnet
ETW: EasyTeach by Wire
All of these functions are based on the same adjustment philosophy and aim to make the process simple and fast for optimal operation.

Range Highlights

Rechner EasyMount

These small sensors excel with reliable detection and versatile mounting options.

Capacitive sensor ideal for level control of fluids

High Performance, rated IP68 fully enclosed in PA / PVC housing

Straight forward, accurate adjustment using Rechner's "EasyTeach" technology

Ref KA1451 / KA1509


Capacitive proximity sensor with a hemispherical active sensing area.

Bluetooth connection with Rechner Android App (iOS in development)

Relays vital details such as: adjustment, dielectric constant and deposited product on sensor surface

Ideal for bulk materials (granules, powder, cereals etc), liquids (water, juice, wine, oil, chemical/pharmaceutical solutions etc) or pastes (glues, resins etc)

Ref KA1403


A capacitive sensor ideal for level control in the Food or Pharmaceutical Industry.

Featuring a Stainless Steel housing material

Straight forward adjustment using ETW (EasyTeach by Wire)

Ideal for conductive and/or viscour liquids or pastes. For instance: oil, water, ketchup or honey...

Ref KA1527 / KA1562 / KA1556


Capacitive and Inductive solutions with ATEX certification

For areas with risk of explosion

No additional Ex-Barrier required

Ref IA0269

Rechner Sensors in Action

View our full range of videos, demonstrations and how-to's on our Youtube channel

Rechner EasyMount: Install and Demonstrate

Rechner 26 Series: Set up and range overview

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Contrinex Sensors

Contrinex is a leading manufacturer of sensors for factory automation.
Founded in 1972, the Swiss company features a unique and innovative range of products whose features far surpass those of standard sensors.

At a glance
Technology leading manufacturer of inductive and photoelectric sensors as well as safety and RFID systems and world market leader for miniature sensors, sensors with long operating distances and devices for particularly demanding operating conditions (all-metal, high-pressure and high-temperature resistant sensors).
Approx. 6000 products

As an innovator of high-tech sensing equipment, Contrinex Sensors provide customers with significant technical advantages that will support their success. Their market-leading products are manufactured to the highest Swiss standards, ensuring excellent quality and reliability.

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Innovative and reliable

Contrinex are a technological leader for sensor intelligence and industrial RFID.
With a range of 8000 products and present in over 60 countries, Contrinex are a reliable, innovative solution to your sensing requirements.

Contrinex lead the way in Inductive and Photoelectric sensors as well as safety and RFID systems.
They also excel in miniture sensors, sensors with long distances and devices for particularly demanding operating conditions (all-metal, high pressure, high temperature resistant...)

Vast range

A wide range to suit your application...
Basic, Miniture, Extreme, Analog Output, 2wire, Extra High Temperature, Extrea High Pressure, Weld Immune, Maritime, Washdown...
Standard, Miniture, Trans Object, Distance, Colour...


Intelligent solutions for the 4th Industrial Revolution...
Intelligent sensors are the fundamental building blocks of modern smart factories. They enable sensor-supported productions (machines, robots etc) to configure, control, manage and optimize themselves in a precise, reliable package.
Fit for the Future with IO Link:
As the first standardized IO technology worldwide for communication with sensors and actuators - IO Link means users can make themselves fit for the future.

Range Highlights

Rechner EasyMount

The First Choice in all environments

Features Classic, Extra Distance and Full Inox


Exceptional performance ratio

Excellent accuracy

Vibration and shock resistant

Long operating distance


Full functionality, the smallest size

Features Classic, Extra Distance and Full Inox:

High quality ASIC sensors with IO Link interface

Smallest self-contained sensors on the market

Outstanding temperature stability

Vacuum potter for optimum long-term reliablity under stress.


Extreme durability in harsh environments

Mechanically and chemically extremely robust

Corrosion resistant

IP68 and IP69K, sea water resistant


Analog output for distance control

Longest sensing ranges

Best temperature stability

Excellent repeat accuracy

Resolution in um range

In Action

View our full range of videos, demonstrations and how-to's on our Youtube channel

Our hammer demo... if any video were to show the strength of these sensors...

For more information on Contrinex Sensors, or to obtain a quote -
please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Further information can be viewed on our Timeline, our Youtube page, or by visiting us at Facebook

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Danfoss Drives

Danfoss & Vacon Drives

MRG Scotland are a Regional Distributor of Danfoss.

For 50 years, Danfoss Drives has been a global leader in the variable speed control of electric motors.

We have the world’s largest installed base of VLT® and VACON® AC drives, and can draw on decades of passion and experience within a wide range of industries.

Range Highlights

Danfoss AC

AC Drives
An AC drive is a device used to control the speed of an electrical motor in order to:
enhance process control
reduce energy usage and generate energy efficiently
decrease mechanical stress on motor control applications
optimize the operation of various applications relying on electric motors

Drives can also be utilized to convert energy from natural and renewable resources like the sun, wind or tides, and transmit it to the electrical network or use it for local consumption. In hybrid technologies, AC drives are used to combine conventional energy sources and energy storages to create total energy management solutions.

AC drives are also known by various other names such as adjustable speed drives, adjustable frequency drives, variable frequency drives, variable speed drives, frequency converters, inverters and power converters.


Vacon, now a subsiduary of Danfoss, provide an unbeatable product range and outstanding results.

The benefits of a variable speed drive enable the user to control the speed of the motor which helps with process control, managing system stress and energy savings.

Optimim process control and energy efficiency for a wide variety of electric motor driven applications in a diverse range of industries.
Including liquid- and air-cooled drives, the portfolio covers a power range of 0.25 kW – 5.3MW.


Danfoss Drives does things differently.
They are unique in that they have always been 100% focused on developing, manufacturing and supplying AC drives.

By letting you decide the best equipment for your application, providing the AC drive fits that choice and supporting you every step along the way, Danfoss help you engineer the best possible AC-drive solutions and find the optimum outcome for your challenges without compromises.


With years of industry-dedicated experience in meeting your specialized challenges, Danfoss create and share solutions that deliver better process precision and superior energy efficiency for all your electric motor operations.

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Electrical & Mechanical Supplies


Established 4th July 2000 - MRG have a long and successful history or meeting and exceeding our customers needs and demands.


With over 19 years of experience, connections and trade contacts - MRG are well placed to source and supply a vast erray of goods from nuts and bolts to electrical components to complete sensing solutions... We've got you covered.


For local delivery - we have our own dedicated delivery service. For further afield we use the reliable APC delivery network for fast, secure carriage.


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