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Rechner Sensors

All-In-One Range

Rechner sensors are easy to set-up, deliver long and reliable in-service life for fit and forget installations

Most experienced supplier of certified sensors for explosion applications on the market

All-In-One inductive sensor options for simpler system designs, installations and up-grades

Small inductive All-In-One options including M12, M18 and M30 in cable and connector versions

No expensive ATEX interface barriers need to be installed for system connection.

Solid state electronics with no moving parts for long in-service life

Approved housing materials for Food + Bev, Pharma as well as most industries.

Oil + Gas application suitable

All-In-One ATEX Inductive Sensors from Rechner...

Once more Rechner breaks the rules with their excellent All-In-One inductive sensors which do not require an independent ATEX barrier to interface them!

Rechner’s All-In-One concept for ATEX applications is now available in inductive as well as capacitive sensor formats for direct PNP or NPN system connection.
Rechner Sensors produced their first certified sensor for an explosion application back in 1974 making them the oldest and most experienced producer of ATEX application critical sensors.
With so much experience and expertise please rely on Rechner as your sensor partner for any applications in explosive environments.

ATEX applications for say flour, grain, coffee, milk powder and similar media will often require a range of inductive sensors for system control feedback of control gates, valves and handling systems.
Rechner’s offshore customers in the Oil + Gas industry take advantage of the dynamic All-In-One inductive format for deck winches, hatch closure control as well as valve position status and handling system feedback.
Rechner’s All-In-One range is the perfect choice as it can be interfaced directly into the control system. Each sensor has ATEX certification for detection in the ATEX rated zones for DUST Zone 20 (1/2 D) and GAS Zone 1 (2G).
The Rechner All-In-One products achieve protection by encapsulation including a non-replaceable fuse.

Rechner inductive All-In-One sensors are available in M12, M18 and M30 Flush configurations. 

All-In-One range, at a glance...

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