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Rechner AC/DC 

• Most experienced supplier of sensors for agricultral applications on the market.

• Volt free contact relay plus 2-wire output options.

• Wide AC or DC, 20 – 250 Volt supply range for all connection requirements.

• Selection of tough body materials available to suit all applications including POM for abrasive media.

• Waterproof IP67 high seal formats with protective bung for switch and potentiometer protection.

• Easy set-up and reliable Rechner Sensors for fit and forget installations.

• Media optimised to sense similar products with one setting.

• Solid state electronics with no moving parts for long in-service life.

Rechner’s AC/DC high performance capacitive sensors have many applications across agriculture. They can be used on process and machinery control within installations as part of large agro-production systems or for small stand-alone equipment or even on-board vehicles out in the field.

A typical capacitive sensor application would be the level detection of feed or grain through piping to animal feed stations or to silos or storage bins. If a blockage occurs then this ‘choke switch’ would detect it. However some blockages self-clear so a fully adjustable timer delay is option is available between 1 second and 10 minutes for just such installations.

Switches and setting potentiometers are all protected by an IP67 bung attached to the sensor’s cable ensuring that it cannot be lost.

Moisture build-up on sensors, due to the accumulation of condensation throughout a day or from precipitation can be an issue on farming applications. The Rechner high performance sensors with media optimisation will completely ignore these effects once set and deliver long term, maintenance free in-service life. Furthermore even substantial coating build-up of the media which is being detected can also be ignored.

There are two types; the relay output 95 series or the 2-wire 90 series. Both come in rugged high seal formats in tough one piece PBT or POM bodies as well as metal housings with PTFE detection faces. These IP67 sealed sensors are designed for aggressive farming applications and are insensitive to dirt, vibration and moisture.

The wide connection voltage from 20 - 250 Volts in either AC or DC covers all likely set-up supply requirements.

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