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M18 PhotoElectric

Contrinex's M18 Photoelectric sensors excel like their cubic C23 brothers, but in an M18 cylindrical housing – Just one reason they are such good ‘All-rounders’.

Long sensing ranges, small blind spots, high-performance and price leadership make these sensors ideal for a wide range of manufacturing applications including packaging machines; food & beverage machinery; conveyors and logistics equipment.

Contrinex's M18PA sensor family pack an incredible set of features and performance into an 18mm diameter sensor, which at only 33mm long (or 37mm with a built in M12 connector) is almost half the length of competitor’s sensors – It’s impossible to resist the urge to say that “the best things, often come in tiny packages”.

The inclusion, free-of-charge of IO-Link on PNP sensors, enables these sensors to bridge the gap from sensing to the digital world of the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0.

Contrinex’s consistent implementation of IO-Link enables a wide range of sensor functions to be controlled or adjusted remotely and provides data monitoring and diagnostics including for example wire-breakage, undervoltage, receiver interference and sensor temperature.

• Short M18 body plastic housing: Only 33mm long for cable version, or 37mm for the built-in M12 connector version 

• Robust & reliable detection using a wide variety of sensing technologies - Diffuse, retro-reflex, through-beam and background suppression operating principles

• Increased productivity provided by the stability-alarm feature flagging preventative-maintenance alerts

• Remote adjustment via IO-Link reduces changeover time between products

• First-class, long sensing ranges: Diffuse: up to 1.2m; Retro-reflex: up to 7m; Through-beam: up to 30m; Background suppression: up to 250mm, 200mm on black.

• Fast and easy flush mounting thanks to special mounting accessories delivered with the sensors

• IO-Link on all PNP versions at no extra cost, ready for Industry 4.0 and the industrial Internet of Things (IoT).

• Switching frequency selectable between 500Hz, 1,500Hz and 5kHz via IO-Link

• Dual output with stability alarm

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