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06 November 2019

Contrast Sensors

The industry-leading sensor incorporates a single-lens autocollimator to deliver a narrow optical beam for high performance and to detect small features.


15 October 2019


A total state of the art sensor solution from Rechner with options for sticky, conductive and now wet or dry with high or low dielectric detection and all in one ideal G½" housing format!

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12 September 2019

Dielectric Constants

In order to help you check the feasibility of a possible capacitive measurement we have prepared a list of dielectric constants of some media.


04 September 2019

Light Grids: Measurement & Detection

Fast, reliable and easy to use - Contrinex's range of Light Grid detection offers a complete solution 


06 August 2019

Grain, Seed, Feed and Fertilizer...

Handling across the agriculture sector is becoming more and more automated, find out more and how a Rechner Sensor can give you and your business complete reliability and peace of mind.


18 July 2019

Leak Detection

Leaks can be costly, dangerous for staff as well as the environment, and can cause production stoppages...
View our latest brochure to discover the ideal solution.


17 June 2019

Level Probes

Do you use level probes for tank or hopper fill height control?
Imagine if you could fit a probe, connect it, push one button - just once - and the whole set-up was done?


23 April 2019

ATEX - Marine & Offshore

Our offshore customers in the Oil + Gas industry have long since taken advantage of the dynamic All-In-One inductive format offered by Rechner Sensors.